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Telestion Developer Documentation

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Telestion is a framework for building telemetry applications. You can find more information about the project on the project website.

This documentation is about developing a Ground Station software using Telestion. For end-user documentation, please ask your Telestion developer.

Get started

GitHub repositories

  • Telestion – The main repository for the Telestion project
  • Telestion Architecture – The repository that hosts the ADRs (Architecture Decision Records) for the Telestion project
  • NATS – The message bus used by Telestion
  • TypeScript – The programming language used for most components by Telestion
  • Deno – The runtime used by Telestion for TypeScript and JavaScript based services
  • React – The frontend framework used by Telestion
  • React Spectrum – The UI library used by Telestion


The Telestion Discord server is the best place to interact with the Telestion community. You can ask questions, get help, and discuss the project with other users and developers.

Join the Discord server